Air Conditioning Repairs

When did you last have your vehicle’s climate control system serviced?

Typically, vehicle manufacturer’s will recommend an AC service every two years. The ASE-certified technicians at your local Tire-Rama store provide the following services:

  • Air conditioning system diagnostic
  • Air conditioning system service
  • Heating system diagnostic
  • Heating system service

You need your climate control system to be in good working order year-round as it helps to keep you and your passengers cool in warm weather, removes humidity from the cabin, and demists a foggy windscreen in cooler weather.

If your car, 4WD , SUV or other vehicle is due for a climate control system service, or is simply not working as it should, contact your nearest Tire-Rama store to schedule a service appointment. We’ll perform a series of checks, repairs, replacements as required and can also re-gas your AC system when needed to keep your climate control system working effectively.

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