Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Inspection and Repairs

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, is an important safety feature on your vehicle. It will notify you when your tire pressure is low, or help you to identify a slow leak. To do this, the TPMS uses sensors to monitor the air pressure in your tires and if it drops by 25% or more below the manufacturer's recommended level it will notify you of the issue.

If there is an issue with one, or more of your tires, it will alert you in the form of a flashing light on the dashboard of your car or truck. How the alert appears may vary across different makes and models. The bottom line, if you notice that the TPMS has triggered an alert you should contact your nearest Tire-Rama for assistance.

A TPMS that's in good working order is essential to your on-road safety and vehicle reliability. If the TPMS light is lit up on your dashboard, or you have concerns that it's not working as it should, Tire-Rama can help.

At your local Tire-Rama, we can diagnose and replace broken or damaged sensors. Our TPMS services include:

  • Replacing damaged or broken TPMS sensors
  • Re-coding TPMS modules to accept new TPMS sensors
  • Supply TPMS sensors that will work with aftermarket wheels
  • Perform diagnostics to determine TPMS system faults
  • Read and reset error messages

Let our ASE-certified technicians provide you with the confidence that your TPMS is working seamlessly. Contact your nearest Tire-Rama to schedule an appointment.

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