Wheel Alignments

A wheel alignment is an essential maintenance service. When your wheels are correctly aligned your vehicle will handle better. You can contact your nearest Tire-Rama to schedule an appointment if your truck, SUV, passenger car or other vehicle is due for a wheel alignment service.

When Should You Schedule a Wheel Alignment?

You can find recommendations specific to the make and model of your vehicle in the owner's manual. Typically, you should schedule a wheel alignment for every 6,000 miles driven or every 6 months (depending which comes first).

A wheel alignment is also strongly recommended whenever you have new tires installed. This will help to prolong the life of your new tires.

Symptoms Your Vehicle May Need a Wheel Alignment

Outside of the recommended wheel alignment servicing schedule, and having tires fitted, there may be other times when your vehicle needs a wheel alignment service. If you have become aware of the following issues, your vehicle may require an alignment adjustment:

  • Vehicle feels as though it's pulling to one side
  • Steering wheel shudders when travelling at higher speeds

There are also certain kinds of tire wear that may indicate that your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment:

  • Feathering: tread is worn on one side and sharp on the other.
  • Camber wear: inside or outside edge of the tyre tread may appear more worn than the centre of the tread.
  • Head and toe wear: one side of individual tread blocks appears to be wearing down faster than the other (in your tires rolling direction).

What are the Benefits of a Wheel Alignment?

Correct wheel alignment provides your vehicle with many benefits, which include:

  • Safe and predictable handling characteristics
  • Prevents premature tire wear
  • Prevents premature wear to components such as the brakes and suspension
  • Improves gas mileage

If your truck or car is due for a wheel alignment, or you have noticed one or more symptoms that suggest you may need an alignment, contact your nearest Tire-Rama to schedule an appointment.

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